About ❤️

They say that all men live to tell a story. While mine is far from complete, here's what we have so far.

Born into a religious Sikh family,  I grew up in Army cantonments all over India.  

My formative years were thus shaped by two ancient institutions- religion and war.

While ancient archetypes drive childhood perception, adults live in the real world.

A world where there are no wars left to fight, and depending on where you're born, institutional religion is either taboo or corrupt beyond repair.

Capitalism is the modern war. Data is the new religion. 

So I started studying both and decided to work at the confluence of the two.

After 4 years of engineering, I found a cool job in Quantitative Trading, which is what I do for a living now.

When I'm not on a screen, I'm lifting weights, playing tennis or working on my guitar.

I live to learn.

For the aha moment that reveals an idea that is intuitive yet obscure. 

For the pleasure of discovering an illusion hidden in plain sight. 

I live in search of the simple truths that elude us.